I’d like to be a better writer.

A lot of people who say “I‘d like to be good at XYZ”, rarely mean it. What they mean to say is “I like the idea of being good at XYZ”.

There’s a huge difference. And I’m as guilty as anyone.
I’d like to be a better writer.

I also want a little vegetable garden and maybe some chickens. That’s because I love cooking, using fresh ingredients, and eggs.

But chickens are messy. And I don’t enjoy gardening.

I find myself saying, “Oh, I’d love a little vegetable garden of my own! Imagine heading outside each morning, saying MORNING LADIES! to the chickens. Grabbing a few fresh eggs, maybe some spinach too, and whipping up the best omelette Ansdell has ever seen.”

I am pretty good at cycling. I somehow manage to fit in a training session (of around 90 minutes) each day. Even when I’m swamped it’s very rare that I miss a ride because I don’t have time.

I just get creative. If you really want something. You’ll generally find a way to do it every day.

More than once I’ve been out of bed and on my bike before 5am. Or late in the evening racing home the last few minutes of sunlight. I have no problem doing that because I want to be good at riding my bike.

So Ross, do you want to be good at writing? Or do you just like the idea of being good at writing?

Don’t just say you want to be good at someting.
Make it happen.

In my teens, I kept a blog. A journal of what I thought were hilarious stories of my teenage shenanigans and opinions. The only people to read it was my close friends and family, but I had a blast putting it together. It allowed me to explore my growing enthusiasm for web design, and also practice my writing.

Of course, teenage Ross didn’t see it that way. It was just a bit of fun.

Still, I can’t believe so far teenage Ross actually did a better job at practicing writing than the consciously “I fancy myself as a bit of a writer one day Ross”. Teenage Ross did nothing but sit in his bedroom and play computer games all day! (he couldn’t ride a bike all that well, though).

I spent the last few days working in Stockholm again. My first time back in the Nordnet office for nine months or so. It was great to see the team, if only briefly.

Arrived in #stockholm. Its #raining but its still #pretty

When I wasn’t in the office or training I read a lot, which always inspires me to write. During the three-day trip, I tackled the final half of Death by Water, had a lot of fun with Dark Matter, and devoured Slaughterhouse Five in a single sitting.

Back at home, Arlo is helping me read more than I have since I was a kid myself. Him needing to feed during the night, or wake up early has given me a few extra minutes here and there, which I use to read. Sometimes I practice reading out loud to him. Soon he’s going to want me to tell him stories, and I want to be good at doing that, too.

This weekend we’re heading up to Scotland to visit my family. I won’t be taking my bike, so here’s to enjoying a few more days of reading and writing.