It’s a while since I’ve written about my training, but that’s because, well, I’m not exactly training anymore…

I still ride my bike almost as much as ever. I still enjoy going fast (my average speed this week is 22mph for around 100 miles of my local 30-mile loop), but for the first time in years, as the season approaches, I have no competitive events planned. I’m riding purely for pleasure.

To be honest, it’s great!

But as well as riding as much as I can, I’ve taken up running.

I threatened to back in October last year, and true to my word, since Christmas I’ve slowly built up my distance and speed. At the time of writing, my PR for 10k is 40:33, and I’m running around 9 or 10 miles at a time. About twice a week.

The plan is to get to Half Marathon distance within a week or so. My goal is to run it in under 1.5 hours. If I can continue my current pace, I’m well on track.

Why running?

It’s tough. There’s nowhere to hide, no free ride from a dirty great tailwind. If you want to go quickly, you need to push yourself.

Anyone who knows me can probably guess the appeal.

I want a challenge. I want the little voice in my head to question me, “can you do this? Can you keep this pace going for another few miles?” I want to feel uncomfortable, to feel the excitement of progress. Of the unknown.

I want work hard. Come home barely standing. I have a warped concept of what’s fun.

With running, I can get all of that and be home in an hour! There’s hardly any faffing around with kit and maintenance between runs. Which makes it easy to dash out in between meetings or during lunch when time is tight.

In short. Having fun is more important than being as good as I used to be at riding. Which just isn’t realistic right now. Who knows what will happen in the future? But for now I see myself doing a lot more running. Enjoying the outdoors, having fun with it.