I have found myself with a few spare minutes tonight. So I think I will write something. This will likely be a regular Wednesday occurrence. The free time, not the writing. I have a not-so-secret-secret-announcement to make soon, which is the reason Angela is out of the house and I am currently passing the time while Arlo sleeps.

What’s been keeping me busy then? Of course, there is training. I’ve completed another long, fast ride (144 miles at 20.5 mph) in the Lakes. I found this one harder than the last. Even though it was shorter, with less elevation. The course was just more challenging, and the wind never, ever behind me.

The two big rides I’ve done have filled me with quiet confidence for the 3 peaks attempt. It’s getting close; I’m looking forward to it. Only around 4 weeks to go. Which probably means I don’t need any more epic rides in my legs. Time to taper off a bit. 60 to 80-mile rides at the weekend should be enough to keep my fitness up. I’ll spend the next few weekends checking out the walking sections of the challenge. This Friday I’ll head back up to the Lakes (in the truck) to tackle Scafell Pike from Seathwaite. Then the weekend after next (after Ange’s birthday, remind me to get a card) will be Snowdon.

When I’m not riding, there’s plenty of work to be done at Ombori. I’m absolutely loving it at this company. It’s inspired me again after a bit of a rut towards the end of my time at NN. I’ve spent a few weeks now working on our flagship product Gridapp.io. Putting together the brand, a SaSS website, and designing part the product itself. I’m super pleased with the output so far. It’s some of the best work I feel I’ve done in a long time.

Above is a very small selection of some of the logo options I’m working on. I’m still trying things out to see what fits the brand. We’ll be launching the website soon, and there are already so many big, BIG opportunities things are super exciting.

Right then, that’s the writing itch scratched for now. Time for a brew before Angela gets home.