Today was my last working for Nordnet. And while I’ve had a fantastic experience there, it was definitely time for something new. The company has changed a lot since I joined, and from the perspective of a remote worker like myself, not for the better. The people who made it an exciting, innovative place to work have all moved on. Many talented designers and developers remain, but the people pulling the strings don’t seem keen on anything but a co-located workforce. Under the new management, I felt constantly pushed out of projects or even forgotten about completely. I guess there was a combination of language and geographical barriers that caused an issue for some, but strangely this had never been a problem in the past. I think the puppet-masters upstairs must have been an influence there. I have no hard feelings though. I left on good terms and was sad to say goodbye to everyone at the studio. They’re a great bunch, and we’ll definitely keep in touch. I’m also keen to see what they come up with for the website. A project to redesign Nordnet completely that has been ongoing since I joined. I could rant *hard* about that project actually, but now might not be the time for that.

I’ve already started a new job for a company in… Stockholm! Which you might have guessed from my previous journal post. I won’t say too much about it yet, but it’s a combination of an exceptionally talented team with fast paced, high pressure projects that make life terrifyingly fun. I think you’ll see big things coming from us shortly.

But first, a small break for Easter. And one I think I’ve earned. Since starting full time at my new job life has been chaotic. I probably need to change the record, as it was a hot topic in my last post too — Just trying to fit everything in! There have been many late nights, stressful days, and crazy deadlines. I’m on top of everything though and feeling more inspired than I have for a long time with my work.

I’m getting sidetracked. We’re going to spend some time in Scotland over the weekend with my parents. The plan is to chill-the-fuck-out. Spend some time outside, wind down, and eat some damn good home cooked food. I believe chilli, roast lamb, and duck are all on the menu. During our stay, we plan to climb Ben Nevis while Arlo has a day with Nana and Popsy. It’s the highest mountain in Britain and handy for us, only a few miles away. The weather is showing temperatures of -5c at the summit, so it’s going to be cold! I’m excited though. As well as that we might try to fit in a walk where we can take Arlo too. There are plenty to choose from in the area. I’m hoping the weather is at least dry while we are there. It’s a long time since I flew my drone and the landscape surrounding my parent’s house is stunning.

It’s late now, almost 1 am. I’ve had a few late nights this week, so why am I not tired? The night before last I only got about two hours after becoming absorbed by a brand design I needed to do for work. I stayed up until 3 am working on a bloody logo I didn’t end up using. I was so cold when I got to bed, I couldn’t get to sleep for another hour afterwards. Then, of course (as babies seem to do), Arlo woke up at 6. Luckily, I wasn’t even tired the next day. Or now, it appears, although my eyelids are stinging a little from the bright laptop screen. I don’t sleep well when I’m away on my own, so the five nights I was in Stockholm last week I probably only averaged around 5 hours a night. So there isn’t a whole lot of sleeping going on. Thinking about it; there hasn’t been for about a year now! Ha.

Right, that’ll probably do for now. I don’t want to end up ranting. As much as I want to avoid doing any work for a few days over the weekend it would be nice to do some writing while we’re away. I have a few ideas for stories actually, but where to begin? It’s daunting isn’t it, trying to write a proper piece of fiction. My problem is I find it difficult to start things I know I can’t dedicate my full attention to. I’m a bit all or nothing in that sense. Perhaps a short story project could help me work on that?