Ross is a digital designer & cyclist

Ross is a digital designer & cyclist

National Hill Climb Championships

Jackson Bridge, Yorkshire

I've been cycling since 2012, and I realised pretty quickly I wasn't bad at going up hills. Not long after I started riding I discovered Strava, and over the next few years went on a mission to try and claim the King Of The Mountain for every climb I could find. I've also had some success at open and club level Hill Climb competitions, winning a few and landing on the podium for the rest.

This year I have decided to see just how far I can take my cycling by attempting to break the top 10 at the National Hill Climb Championships. It’s an ambitious goal; but I’m going to give it everything.

This is the story of my year long training journey. Everything from bitterly cold base miles, to throwing up after interval sessions on the turbo trainer in the garage.

Max Heart Rate

199 bpm

Peak 5min






Max Grade


Average Grade






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6min Test


Peak 5min




Upcoming Training: How We’ve Tweaked My Plan

Despite a great start to 2015 I’ve allowed a worrying thought to creep into my mind: “Why didn’t my power improve much since Spring last year? And what if the same thing happens again this time?”

I made some of my biggest gains in the early part of 2014, yet saw little improvement after visiting Mallorca in May. I didn’t lose that power but any further progression was negligible. I upped the miles and did more than a few tough rides during Summer and Autumn. So why was that?

Training, eating, crashing, and racing my way to form: The first half of 2015 in review

It’s been a while, but I’ve finally managed to sit down and write a proper post about training.

Last time I did this must’ve been February. When I mentioned how I had tweaked my training plan, and my expectations for early season race experience.

A lot has happened since. I’ve had highs, and I’ve overcome lows. Now after a great deal of hard work I feel as though I’m finally finding some good form.

Project 450

Since March my training has focussed on two things: Improving endurance and raising my FTP.

With the help of Transition Cycle Coaching I’ve achieved this mostly through advanced aerobic workouts. On long sustained efforts I’m now the strongest I can remember being with the ability to turn bigger gears at higher speeds than ever before!

The National Hill Climb is only twelve weeks away. That means it’s almost time to focus on my hill climbing. I’ve got the engine. The tank is full. And so begins Project 450.

Peak 20min


Peak 10min




That Cycling State of Mind

I love that pre training feeling.

When you know there’s a job to be done, but you’re unsure how you’ll go that day… You’re lost in your own little world. Where the only thing on your mind is the effort that follows.

And when it’s done; The satisfaction of knowing you gave 100%. ‪You pushed‬ yourself that little further. Progressed that little closer to your ‎goals‬.

There’s nothing else quite like it.
The ‪bicycle is an incredible ‪machine‬.