I’ve been working hard.

My diet has been consistent and balanced. My training varied, and my performance on the bike better than ever.

Now seems like a good time to take stock and see where we are leading into Nationals and next season; where for the first time I will be racing as part of a team.


After consuming a gigantic chicken dinner and a big serving of Greek yogurt last night I didn’t expect to see 55kg on the scales again this morning.

I’m back under 56kg but this time it’s different. I’m 55.x kg of muscle and feeling super strong! My diet is now mostly lean meat and fats with carbs in the evening after training. As my workouts are less than 90 minutes – for me – this has been the perfect way to lose body fat without dropping muscle mass too.


I’ve hit personal records over the past seven days across pretty much every power zone! Some highlights;

324w for 20mins
341w for 10mins
430w for 3mins
500w for 1min

Power to weight

That means my power to weight ratios are looking extremely healthy!

5.8w/kg for 20mins
6.1w/kg for 10mins
7.7w/kg for 3mins
9w/kg for 1min

There are still a good few weeks of training left before the National Hill Climb. You might have noticed 5 minute power is missing, but that’s something I’m hoping to test out soon! As I haven’t done a decent 5min effort this week.

Treat Day – Not Cheat Day

Today is what I like to call Treat Day; not Cheat Day! To celebrate my power personal records, weight loss, and general healthy lifestyle I made myself a huge and indulgent lunch. This lot was still only 525cal (and yes everything got weighed!).

I steamed the veg and salmon over some fresh herbs, poached an egg, and made a luxurious Monsoon Malabar coffee to go with it smile emoticon. Happy lad!